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5 Interior Trends For This Autumn

Grace Thorne @ 2021-09-14 10:37:30 UTC


Welcome to the first of many Interior Blogs from us here at Wren’s Tale. What better way to kick things off than talking about some exciting trends to look out for as we head into arguably, the best season of them all. The combination of strong colour hues, with cosy textiles and the warmth from a lit candle, all contribute beautifully to the aesthetic of Autumn. But “what”, I hear you ask, “are the key trends to be looking out for in the coming months”?


1. Muted Terracotta

Terracotta, the plant pot version, has been around for a while, making the perfect addition for those that love a Rustic home. However, this Autumn, you’ll find that that burnt, rusty orange hue you get from Terracotta is transformed into an entire colour scheme, creating warmth and cosiness, the thing we search for most this time of year. Its earthiness means that it pairs beautifully with neutral colours too, which you’ll find we have implemented into our Handmade Pumpkin Collection. It doesn’t have to stop there either; Amber glassware is on the up, bringing with it that Radiant Autumn Orange we will be craving all season long. I recommend Nkuku for stunning muted terracotta textiles, and of course, their new Amber Glass Lighting Range.



2. Natural Elements 

This doesn’t have to mean you become the next plant queen, but it can. After the last year, having to stay indoors was no cause for celebration, so this Autumn we are searching for ways to bring the outside in. Bringing life to our homes by using natural materials like Wood, Rattan and Jute can help provide that breath of fresh air we usually get from throwing open the windows and bi-folds in the Summer. Introducing Seagrass baskets, and Kubu Wicker can not only satisfy our basket addiction (I know it’s not just me), but they make the perfect storage solution as well. See for yourself how the White Company has used Seagrass to warm up this gorgeous shelving shot. You can also find a selection of Natural Materials across our website, ranging from Wooden Pedestals, to Seagrass Shoppers.

The White Company

 The White Company


3. Layered Bedrooms

The Bedroom has to be the cosiest place in the house, am I right? That desire to feel safe, and comforted can’t just be achieved by the likes of a Simba mattress, can it? Absolutely not. This Autumn it’s all about Bedroom layers; throwing on a bed spread, or two, accompanied by a few feather-filled scatter cushions is the perfect place to start. But let’s not stop there. Think about layering curtains, and rugs, perhaps play around with different textures, bringing in some of those natural elements we were talking about. Last but not least, a concept we are all familiar with, panelling. It’s been done, I know, but it’s a great way to add depth, and without a doubt has the ability to bring that snug feeling to a room. Where we would once throw a ‘feature colour' on to one wall, we now don’t just stop there. The addition of wooden panels, in any formation, shiplap, tongue and grove, or the symmetrical squared variety, will add the cosiness we crave throughout Autumn. 


4. Cosy Textiles

Potentially the easiest trend to get on board with, and something that can change with the seasons too. Think outside the box for this one and focus on accent pieces. Whilst you can add chunky knit throws, and velvet cushions to nod to the Autumn aesthetic, why not experiment with reupholstering a pouffe you’ve had for years, or changing up your sofa? Clashing fabrics is an intriguing concept for me, it ties in beautifully with the idea of layering, and whilst it can feel uncomfortable for some, I guarantee pairing a jute rug, with a faux sheepskin, will absolutely convert you, and draw in that coveted cosiness.



5. Reading Corner

After a busy Summer of throwing ourselves back into our ‘lives’, what could be better than curling up with a good book in a cosy corner of our home? Whether you’re lucky enough to have a window seat with picturesque views, or a moody, warm nook hidden amongst the chaos, be sure to cash in on arguably the cosiest trend of Autumn. Add a new lamp for some soft lighting, plenty of throws and cushions, and of course some home comforts, in the form of your favourite plant, or some pillar candles to really carve out the perfect ‘Reading Corner’.

If you head to, you’ll find a really fantastic read on ‘How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook’, you can see here first hand, just how they achieved it.


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